Sunday, 5 August 2012

I'm Back!!

I have finally decided to revive my blog!!  Wasn't able to keep up with it last year, multiple jobs and a crappy internet connection and just life's shit in general got in the way.  But we are back and better than ever!! 

I am happy to announce that Sunny and I finished off strong last year at training level, and this spring we made our Prelim debut at the Beaumont Horse Trials!!  The whole weekend was pretty much a disaster, our dressage was crap-tastic, probably our worst test ever.  Stadium went well for the most part except for me almost falling off after fence 2, but I had luck on my side and managed to hang on, get things sorted and finish the course with just one rail and some times faults.  Cross country went GREAT!!  Except for that pesky jump #13 that I totally forgot about on course!!  They stopped me right before the last fence, I had no idea I had missed a jump, and man, was I kicking myself for weeks after about that one! 

My favorite photo from our stadium round:)
And a few from our XC, including a photo of me standing beside the big table:)

And of course, the helmet cam:)

Stay tuned for more!

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