Friday, 14 June 2013

Paramount Jump Into Summer Show!

I've been super busy lately and didn't get a chance to post that I entered out very first jumper show a few weeks ago, on a total whim.  It was quite an adventure and nothing like I'd expected, and we totally won the class!!!!  :D

I still have no idea how we pulled that one off, the show was running so late and it was getting dark so fast!  Sunny was absolutely neurotic for our warm up and then she jumped SO HUGE over the first 2 jumps in the course, she surprised the crap out of me and I don't know how I didn't totally lose my stirrups or just fly right off!!  I heard later from a lady watching that those first 2 overjumps could have easily cleared 1.35m...uh, ok Sunny the overachiever!  We made it around and somehow went clear, and we NEVER go clear!  I was such a mix of frazzled and entertained by the whole situation, and surprised, I didn't even stick around for the ribbons and then my coach walked into the stabling right after and yelled my name and held out a ribbon and I was like "WHAT IS THAT?"  And she was like "You won!"  And I was like "HOW???"  Lol.  Then I grabbed it and looked at it and realized it was red and said 1st, and I still can't even believe it!  Soooo I was pretty over the moon about it, and so thrilled with Sunny, she's such a little trooper and so good about just going with the flow!  She was so bold and was totally taking me to everything, but was still listening to me, god I love my horse!!!

And the highly entertaining helmet cam I have to share.  I have edited out the profanity, you'll have to excuse me, but I was pretty darn surprised with those first 2 HUGE jumps!!