Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Chase Creek Clinic-The Abbreviated Edition!

I'm bulk posting these photos and sharing the videos just because my life has been kinda crazy and I don't want to keep putting it off any longer. I will do a proper update on everything soon, I promise! I do have some fairly entertaining crash photos to post at a later date as well, as well as more of an actual write up on the clinic. It was amazing!!  photo aDSC_9386.jpg Day 1 was rainy so Kris just took videos.  The last 3 clips were from other days but it was just easier to put them all together.

Day 2...
Oh Sunny, always a fan of the long spot:P  photo aDSC_9311.jpg  photo aDSC_9315.jpg We did lots of work with skinnies during the clinic.  photo aDSC_9336.jpg  photo aDSC_9341.jpg  photo aDSC_9344.jpg  photo aDSC_9352.jpg  photo aDSC_9356.jpg  photo aDSC_9379.jpg
A few shots of Sunny and I in the creek.  Sunny LOVES the creek there.  I can stand her in it, throw the lead rope over her back and just walk away!  photo aDSC_9261.jpg  photo aDSC_9273.jpg Our humble setup.  photo aDSC_9282.jpg Mr Deer passed by for a quick visit!  photo aDSC_9288.jpg
This new bulk share capability on photobucket really is the shiznit though!

Anyways.  So in short it was super awesome and I didn't ever want to leave! They just announced that after 10 years of not running an event, they are finally running one there next spring on May long!! To do the CIC*, or CCI*? That is the question!!! :D


  1. Mindblowingly amazing photos! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you!! It is such an amazing place, I never want to leave!

  2. LOVE the pictures!! :) Looks like a good time.

  3. Wonderful pictures, looks like a blast!