Friday, 14 February 2014

Input Please!

I need some opinions! :)

I've been messing around a little bit with my albertaeventer website. I finally got the dreamhost/wordpress issues sorted out so I've just been playing around with some of the free templates that come with wordpress, and figuring out how everything works, I haven't actually added any content yet. The current layout (Coller) was the only one I didn't hate, but I'm not planning on keeping it, it's pretty generic.

Check it out if you want: AlbertaEventer

What I'm wanting is something that can double as my personal website and a blog as well. Don't worry, I'm not totally ditching this blog or anyhing!! I want something not too cluttered or busy or out there, but something that's still a little different and unique. I need to be able to have both blog type entry and static pages that look good and are easy to incorporate photos into, and of course be easy to navigate.

I've been doing some googling and checking out different templates. The only one I've found so far that I REALLY like is this one: Empire

Opinions? I like how the background photos are large but there is a ton of room for text as well. And it is straightforward and easy to navigate. A lot of the templates I've looked at seem like they're either primarily photo layouts, with little to no room for actual text, or they're for a ton of text or articles and photos would be difficult to integrate. It's hard for me to imagine one or the other when they don't show examples of both.

Here are a few others I find interesting if you guys want to take a look.

Anchor I am kind of torn about websites like this, the funky pages/scrolling. Buck Davidson has something similar. It's definitely different, and I like different, but I can't seem to decide it I think it's kind of cool or kind of annoying.

Seabird I was looking at the side menu layout. This one looked like it would be easy to work both photos and text into.

Grid This one I thought the top grid part was very cool, not sure how a blog type page would look though as they didn't have an example pages for text, etc.

Blog-A-Porter It's interesting but seems like it might be too busy for what I want.

Thoughts? Any input at all is greatly appreciated:)


  1. I couldn't get the Empire one to open, but as far as the others go, I like the Anchor one :-)

    1. Oh that's odd, maybe try this link and click on live preview.

  2. The last two I like the least. Seabird seems the nicest.