Sunday, 22 June 2014

James Alliston Clinic

Just wanted to share my helmet cam videos from the James Alliston Clinic last weekend.

It was a great clinic and lots of fun! James was great, very helpful and knowledgeable, and while nothing he had us do or told us was earth shattering, it was a number of little adjustments and suggestions that helped greatly improve the big picture. We did a lot of course type stuff, instead of the typical start/stop of a lot of cross country schooling, and it definitely helped us and the horses flow better as it simulated an actual cross country round vs just schooling certain questions. I felt like those little things helped me a LOT by the end of the clinic, and it seemed like everyone else in my group felt similar about it as well! I have trouble finding good distances to gallop fences, so James helped me a bunch with that, and I felt like I had improved a lot in that area by the end of the clinic.

I did something a bit different in this clinic, I kept my helmet cam running to capture James' feedback, which I found very helpful to go back and review afterwards! I also recorded Sunny and I heading down to soak legs in the river, that's at the end of both videos of anyone is interested.

My photobucket has an angry because I have apparently exceeded my bandwidth for this month, so photos from the clinic can be viewed on my facebook page:

Up next, Cochrane Horse Trials next weekend!! :)

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