Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Gone Jump Schooling!

Friday night was fun. A bunch of us from the barn trailered over to Horse In Hand Ranch (http://www.horseinhandranch.com/) which is only 15 mins away, to school over their jump course.

I  hung out for a bit while a few other groups rode first, then I went and tacked up.  Sunny was super wired when I got on, and when she's like that I know the jumping's not going to be great:P We managed, had a few shitty rounds but managed to pull it together for an awesome last little course to end it off. Which wasn't caught on regular video but I did get the helmet cam so it's better than nothing, haha. Glad I was able to work through things despite the crazy, and end on a good note. I am definitely figuring out how to manage Sunny better when she's wired, now I can still somewhat pilot her around and have it be not totally horrifying, where as before I was just along for the ride and hail marying everything, lol. I've noticed a big difference there for sure. The facility was great and we all had a good time, and will definitely be going back!

Sunny in her old man cooler, ready to rock and roll! Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Warming up, my coach on one of her stallions, and Sunny and I. Obviously Sunny is not the huge lovely warmblood stallion, lol.
One of my and Sunny's rough courses, my good round wasn't caught on camera unfortunately:P Sunny still drifts to the left sometimes, through the triple the first time everything kinda went to shit and the rail coming down on the last oxer of the triple was because Sunny veered left and I kicked the standard:P
Our good round to end it on my helmet cam at least:)
The arena was so huge, haha. It was a nice change! Photobucket

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