Monday, 25 March 2013

Bye Obi!

Well, he's gone! It's one of those things I never thought would actually happen, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks when he walked onto the trailer.

His new owner is a super cute 74 year old man who has been there, done that, rode them all! Has done everything from breeding TB's, training racehorses, running chuckwagons, he's sick of riding the greenies, and now he's enjoying the easy life doing pack trips in the mountains. A lady came with him, and I was talking to her and he just kind of hung back and observed as I caught Obi and brought him the barn, he checked out his legs, and made an offer! Said he didn't need to see me ride him, he'd seen the videos, and liked how he was built and liked Obi's eye. So that was that!

We had to wait an hour for the trailer to come, and we bullshitted about everything under the sun.  It was so cute, the old man kept petting Obi's face and saying what a handsome big guy he was, he even got out his old horse's halter and was trying it on Obi to see if it would fit, it was a little small, Obi's got a big noggin! Then the trailer came, and I was totally fine until they loaded him on the trailer. Then I was like "Oh shit, this is really happening!" And the drove away, and I went in the barn and totally cried, haha. I'm happy though, Obi can go and he'll do awesome with this guy and be used and have a job:) The old man was super excited and said he would send me photos this summer when they go out. He was all smiles the whole time, and I'm sure he and Obi will do great roaming over the trails together:) Farewell my big gorgeous boy!! ♥♥♥  photo obi3.jpg

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