Monday, 30 December 2013

5 Day Challenge Day 5

21. Favorite classes to watch

Of course I love watching cross country. I don't go to that many other shows outside of events though, but when I'm bored I'll youtube all sorts of things. My first pick is intermediate and advanced cross country, buzzterbrown's channel on youtube is my go to, he takes absolutely amazing cross country footage and I love seeing all the different courses down in the states. I also love watching hunter and jumper derbies, the courses look like so much fun. Another thing I like to watch is hunter work offs. Some of those horses and riders are amazingly talented and make everything look easy.

22. What’s in your cooler at horse shows?

Lots of ice water! I also stock up on coconut water (my like clockwork horse show headaches are totally gone since I've started drinking it!!), mandarin orange cups, swiss babybels, and granola bars. Depending on the event, they are the one time I will have energy drinks. Just because I don't sleep worth a crap away from home, and events in general mean really late nights and super early mornings, and it's nice to not be nodding off mid afternoon when I need to get out and walk cross country!

23. One thing about showing (or riding in general) you wish you could change?

Of course we all would love if it was a bit more affordable! But if you want it bad enough, you'll make it happen, it's all about priorities and it's different for everyone of course. I find it very interesting watching the younger eventing crowd over the years, which ones sell the horse as soon as mommy and daddy stop paying for it, those who plug along through school and still do the odd event here and there, and the ones who come back to it later in life. It's a very interesting dynamic that I find fascinating.

24. Your ringside crew

My amazing bf Kris is always there, rain, snow or shine, camera in hand! And I can't thank him enough for all his support and everything he does. I am incredibly lucky to have a bf that is not only interested in the horse side of things, but insists on coming with me on most of my horsie outings.

I am a very independent person when it comes to shows and horses in general, for a long time I would only go to events by myself, it was way easier just having only myself to worry about, and not having to entertain/babysit others! But the past few years I have found a few eventing friends that I regularly hook up with at events/clinics, etc. My friend Jenn, who is an amazing rider and coach, we compete alongside each other at prelim, and have similar goals for the next couple years.

Also my friend Erica ( We initially met online a few years ago (I like to refer to these as my creepy internet friends, haha) and I introduced her to the eventing scene here in Alberta. She lives very far away in an isolated part of the province, so visits are few and far between, but we get along great and have lots of fun when we are together. It's been fun to see her and her horse progress even just from the little bit of eventing they've been able to do so far on their journey together. We also both have a thirst for knowledge so we are forever sitting down "together", despite our distance, to watch jumping at Spruce Meadows, Rolex, or the Royal Winter fair online or on tv, and facebook messaging back and forth discussing it for hours.

25. Best prizes.

I'm not too picky, I always love ribbons because they are usually few and far between at events. I would never turn down any sort of prizes though, and would love to add some Back On Track stuff to my tack locker!

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  1. Gotta love the creepy internet friends ;)

    What are your eventing plans this year?! Intermediate perhaps?